Astrology today

Interivew of Bernadette Brady by CircleofDivine at the Astrological Association Conference 2014. Bernadette talks about different astrologies, the role of fixed stars, the academy and the relationship of science to astrology.
 (21 min)

Raphael's Astrologer Interview

Bernadette discusses  her life and work as an astrologer.  2014 (34 min)

Astrology, a cosmological or chaotic creature?

Lecture by Bernadette Brady to the students of the MA of Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the Bath, UK Summer School, June 2016. It lecture explores the possible ontological roots of astrology and looks at astrology having more of a link to chaos then to the perfect world of cosmos.  

Other YouTube interviews and lectures on

Astrologos Youtube Channel and Sophia Centre Youtube Channel 

The Stars and Parans

A short YouTube talking about why the stars link to our charts via the turning of the earh. Plato linked stars to souls and spun them together by what he termed the Spindle of Necessity, the turning of which drew the stars down to earth.